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Woodridge, Illinois

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In partnership with the Naperville School District 203, Abraxas offers alternative education by providing a structured, safe, and quality educational setting for up to 50 students from District 203.  Classes and individualized services are separated into a day school, serving grades 9 through 12 (ages 14 through 21), and the Alternative Learning Opportunities Programs (ALOP) assisting 14 to 18 year old students who are at risk of academic failure.  Those eligible for the ALOP program are students at risk of failing to meet the Illinois Learning Standards or failing to graduate or students who demonstrate a need for educational support or social services beyond the regular school program.


There is a significant difference in the method of instruction and type of educational programming that should be provided to students who experience difficulty in a traditional setting. Our school provides an educational program focused on active learning with an emphasis on differentiated instruction, individualized direction, a safe learning environment and celebration of personal accomplishment.

This program is intended to serve adolescents who present behaviors that include: physically assaultive behavior, running away, truancy, school refusal, oppositional/defiant behavior, aggressive and destructive behavior, poor impulse control, substance abuse, eating disorders, self mutilation and suicidal behavior.





·         Education

·        Behavior modification

·         Social Skills Acquisition (emotional support)

·         Re-integration/transition

·         Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Model (PBIS)

·         Aggression Replacement Training

·         Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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